Pulaski Skyway Ramps

The overall Pulaski Skyway project included replacing the 3.5-mile deck and rehabilitating the ramps, steel superstructure and substructure; strengthening the structure against seismic events; improving drainage and lighting; and repainting.

The ramps were deteriorated and required deck replacement; superstructure and substructure rehabilitation, strengthening and seismic retrofitting. Work on the ramps began in April 2018.

Precast concrete deck panels with stainless steel reinforcing bars were selected for part of the re-decking system. The specification for precast with stainless steel reinforcement saved time for the deck replacement and contributed to a resilient structure.

Salit Specialty Rebar started shipping 250 tons of XM-28 in 2019 with completion in 2021. The Pulaski Skyway has been a decade-long multi-phase project involving numerous rebar fabricators and general contractors.