Stainless Technical Data

Salit Specialty Rebar is a leading supplier of cut and pre-assembled stainless steel rebar and mesh.

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Available Sizes

Standard-sized stainless steel mats are available for the poured-in-place and precast concrete markets in the USA and Canada. Mats are available in two different styles of mesh produced using two different alloys.

One product is 6X6 D2.9/D2.9 (gage) that would be assembled in 6-foot x 12-foot mats. The other product is 4X4 D4/D4 (gage) available as 6-foot x 12-foot mats.

All stainless wire mesh is branded with “SALIT” so buyers know that the wire mesh they are using is from a source in the Salit Group of Companies.

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