Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh

Salit Specialty Rebar is a leading supplier of cut and pre-assembled stainless steel rebar and mesh.

Welded Wire Fabric (WWF) is a prefabricated reinforcement consisting of parallel series of high strength cold drawn or cold rolled wire welded together in square or rectangular grids. Welded smooth wire reinforcement in standard sheets or rolls, referred to as, “construction mesh” is commonly specified as temperature and shrinkage reinforcement in slabs. It bonds to concrete by the positive mechanical anchorage at each welded wire intersection.


Welded Wire Fabric is fabricated from wires arranged at right angles to each other and welded at all intersections. Welded wire fabric has uses in reinforced concrete construction. In building construction, it is most often used for floor slabs. Heavier fabric is often used in walls, road and runway pavements, precast and poured-in-place boxes, and structural linings.

TechInfo Sheet 01 15, “Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh Mats

Mesh Style/Sizing Numbers

Four numbers are used to designate the style of wire mesh; for example, 6 by 6-8 by 8 (sometimes written 6 x 6 x 8 x 8 or 6 x 6 – W 2.1 x W 2.1). The first number indicates the lengthwise spacing of the wire in inches; the second number indicates the crosswise spacing of the wire in inches; the last two numbers indicate the size of the wire on the Washburn and Moen gauge. In addition, the last two numbers can be a W number that indicates the size of the cross-sectional area in the wire in hundredths of an inch. SSR can provide special designs of flat or bent welded wire fabric mats.

Available Sizes

Standard-sized stainless steel mats are available for the poured-in-place and precast concrete markets in the USA and Canada. Mats are available in two different styles of mesh produced using two different alloys.

One product is 6X6 D2.9/D2.9 (gage) that would be assembled in 6-foot x 12-foot mats. The other product is 4X4 D4/D4 (gage) available as 6-foot x 12-foot mats.

All stainless wire mesh is branded with “SALIT” so buyers know that the wire mesh they are using is from a source in the Salit Group of Companies.