Stainless steel pre-assemblies are cost effective

In an environment contaminated with chlorides, stainless steel pre-assemblies are cost effective not only because of the extended service life and associated lower life cycle cost benefits of using a superior corrosion resistant rebar product (for more, see “Why Use Stainless” ), but also because of the field efficiency and safety benefits of pre-assembled rebar products.

Producers of precast reinforced concrete products may be a small family-run enterprise, a local medium or large-scale business, or a trans-national multi-plant supplier of building products. Despite the size of operation, there is a move among pre-casters to acquire pre-welded rebar assemblies to speed up production and reduce overhead costs.

SSR supplies stainless steel rebar assemblies for the following products:

Bridge Structures

  • Rebar cages for precast/prestressed I-Beam Girders
  • Reinforcing assemblies for precast/prestressed Box Girders
  • Reinforcement cages for columns and piers

Culverts, Small Bridges and Chambers

  • Cages for 3-sided precast segmental bridge units
  • Cages for precast box culverts
  • Reinforcing assemblies for precast vertical manhole chambers
  • Built-in assemblies for joining wing walls and head walls

Concrete pipe and manholes

  • Manhole component reinforcing mats
  • Pipe plugs
  • Rebar mats for tunnel sections
  • Pipe and culvert headwalls

Concrete Stairways

  • Pre-welded assemblies complete with platforms and landings
  • Reinforcing assemblies for precast concrete stair support brackets

Tanks and Vaults

  • Reinforcement assemblies for septic tanks and underground storage vaults
  • Lifting hooks and assemblies