Salit Specialty Rebar is a leading supplier of cut and pre-assembled stainless steel rebar and mesh.

Couplers are an economical option when lapped joints are not an appropriate means of connecting rebar which can reduce the amount of reinforcement required in a structure.

Lenton Couplers

SSR stocks Lenton regular and tapered couplers in various sizes and provides bar threading services – both tapered and UNC.

Lenton Couplers



Threading – both Lenton and UNC

Rhino Couplers

Rhino Mechanical Connections

Structural Integrity

Mechanical splices offer greater structural integrity and deliver higher performance than lap splices. Mechanical splices do not rely on the concrete and offer greater strength, toughness and dynamic performance during seismic or man made events. This capacity is verified by third party testing and is typically 125% to 150% greater capacity provided by the mechanical splice versus the lap splice.
• RHINO Couplers provide a continuous load path and exceed Type 1 & Type 2 requirements including cyclic dynamic testing.
Type 2 connections are suitable for use in seismic structures when inelastic yielding may occur and may be used anywhere in the
• RHINO Couplers meet the toughest requirements for slip and do not require staggering.
• RHINO Couplers develop their strength independently from the concrete and are more reliable than lap systems which require the concrete for load transfer.
• RHINO Couplers do not alter the reinforcing steel metallurgy and allow for the full strength and ductility of the reinforcement to be developed.

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SS Taper Coupler

Rhino Form Mounting Plate