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SSR provides the Proven Solution for Deteriorating Concrete Structures
We are North America’s Stainless Steel Rebar Fabrication Specialists

America’s infrastructure should not be allowed to “rust in peace.” There are options for repairing and replacing structures that include types of stainless steel reinforcement designed to suit any project.

Effects of corrosion from 2006 to 2011.

Effects of corrosion from 2006 to 2011

We can help you. If you are an owner, operator, designer or specifier of concrete structures subjected to the deterioration impacts of corroding rebar due to chloride attack.

SSR’s experience and products embodies a solution to owners, operators, designers or specifiers of concrete structures faced with solving the problem of deteriorating concrete caused by chloride attack of the steel rebar from road salt, marine spray or other chemical agents.

We can help you. If stainless steel rebar has been specified on a project and you need a qualified fabricator who is experienced and certified in the fabrication of this unique product.

As an experienced fabricator, we supply a customer base comprising conventional rebar fabricators, pre-casters or general contractors in need of fabricated stainless steel rebar.

The problem of deteriorating concrete structures due to chloride attack is solved

Chloride attack of steel rebar due to man-induced sources such as road salt or chemical processing, or natural causes such as marine spray, results in a severe deterioration or spalling of concrete structures.

Deteriorating concrete from corrosion puts immense pressure on infrastructure Owners and their representatives be they specifiers, designers, operators, or planners to solve the heavy cost burden of premature replacement of structures, excessive repair and maintenance costs, traffic congestion and reduced infrastructure utilization.

Stainless steel rebar greatly alleviates this problem.

How does stainless work?

Essentially, stainless steel rebar provides a significant increase in concrete structure durability. This has the effect of extending the service life of structures to 100+ years without major repair due to the unique chemistry containing a mix of over 30% of alloys formulated to resist chloride corrosion.

Because it is “stainless”, the corrosion resistance is proven to be “orders of magnitude” better than the next best rebar product, such as coated bars or uncoated facsimiles.

There are benefits. Given its exceptional corrosion resistance, there are significant benefits that flow back to the Owner by specifying stainless steel :

  • Lowest Life Cycle Cost – Due to a longer service life without major concrete repairs
  • Cost Reduction – Due to a dramatic reduction in maintenance costs, elimination of redundant protection mechanisms such as excess concrete cover, membranes, and concrete additives, higher strength steel and shorter splice lengths than coated bars means less steel usage
  • Lighter & Cheaper Structures – Less concrete cover can lighten the support structures reducing initial cost
  • Less Earthquake Impact – Reduced cover means lighter structures are more earthquake resistant, less costly

More information on the properties, benefits, availability and features relating to stainless steel rebar can be found in the section Why Use Stainless.

Owners : How Can SSR Help You?

By working with SSR, the Owner’s representative can take advantage of our Team’s 18 year history in this business. We have amassed a wealth of independent technical information and knowledge which we will freely provide.

Also, SSR’s engineering staff can provide you with whatever assistance or advice your design team may require at the inception of your project regarding the specification of the appropriate type of stainless steel rebar for your application, the properties of the various types of stainless steel rebar, the benefits, the ways to leverage its features, and material availability.

See our Design Advice to get in touch with our technical Team.

Fabricators : Why buy rebar from SSR?

SSR fabricates and ships stainless steel rebar to customers across North America

Conventional steel fabricators looking for a supply of stainless steel rebar for a project, fabricating stainless steel rebar is what we do. We are one of the largest and most experienced suppliers of fabricated stainless steel rebar with over 18 years of operational activity in this field.

SSR is dedicated entirely to the fabrication of stainless steel rebar. We are a qualified fabricator certified in the processing of this specialized rebar and North America’s leading supplier and fabricator.

We have supplied stainless steel reinforcing bar, accessories and pre assembly components to the concrete industry in applications such as bridges, highway and road construction; residential, institutional, and commercial construction; underground and above ground utilities; agriculture, public works.

SSR Advantages-Plant floor

An overview of the advantages we provide to our customers in this specialized rebar market segment are numerous :

  • Full service provider – We stock all common stainless types, cut and bend to your specifications, stock couplers and tie wire, thread bars and deliver.
  • Cost Savings – You are only billed for what you need, when you need it, there is no waste, no inventory carrying cost.
  • Track Record — An unequalled track record of success over 18 years in supplying stainless steel rebar on both small and large scale projects across North America. See Project List in the Stainless Resources section.
  • Ample Capacity – Our Buffalo, NY plant has the capacity to supply clients in the USA and Canada.
  • Contamination-free plants – SSR has instituted procedures and material handling safeguards to ensure that the material will not be contaminated by black carbon steel.
  • Material Availability – A large inventory level of stainless steel rebar is kept on hand.
  • Delivery – Normally, we can deliver with 2 to 4 weeks of receiving an order. 

To speak to our staff about a supply of stainless steel rebar,  Contact us. 

More information on the advantages of working with SSR can be found in the section “Who We Are” in the Corporate section.

Our products are used as concrete reinforcement steel for controlled magnetic permeability applications.

If you are designing a structure that houses magnetic resonance imaging equipment or need a supply of stainless steel for this kind of project, SSR can help in the selection of the proper material type. Contact us by sending a note – see Stainless Design Advice.

SSR is a one-stop shop for stainless steel rebar and mesh products

Salit Steel is made up of an integrated network of companies that deliver steel solutions in North America.

MidValley Rebar

Midvalley Rebar provides a complete line of reinforcing steel products and services while staying customer focused.

Heritage Steel is a reinforcing steel fabricator which is continually striving for the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Canbar Steel

Canbar provides fast, efficient and accurate steel fabrication for residential, commercial & government clients.

Ardel Steel

Ardel Steel is a full-service rebar fabrication plant & steel distributor with rebar installation services.


StelCrete manufactures and supplies pre-assembled reinforcing & structural steel components and wire mesh assemblies.


Salit Specialty Rebar is a North American leader in the supply of cut and pre-assembled stainless steel rebar and mesh.

Our Stainless Resources page is designed to answer many of your questions.

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